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Converting Innovation to Sustainable Business
Services We Offer
Arranging Efficient and
Effective Cleantech
Many companies are hearing their customers, shareholders, employees, neighbors and other
stakeholders requesting improvements their use of resources.  This can be challenging or expensive
without sufficient awareness and understanding of recent advances in energy, water, and efficiency.

Multi-billion dollar companies have expert staff dedicated to continually review technology developments in
cleantech.  These teams evaluate each development to both determine if it is suitable for their employer
and if it is cost-effective in their particular case.  Some larger companies like Google have sufficient cash
on hand and land with plentiful sun to purchase large solar installations for on-site use, arrange distant
wind turbine power purchase agreements, and similar high profile activities with their abundance of cash.
Selected Alternative Energy Sources
Smaller companies face challenges in selecting
and implementing cleantech using limited
internal resources and cannot afford major
consulting houses that offer million dollar
projects.  Our team can bring suitable and
appropriate expert resources to your organization
especially resources from Silicon Valley.  We
assist in the planning and guidance of projects
that improve your use of resources.  In many
cases this can reduce costs for your company
while improving your image in the community.  
There are many emerging technologies that
smaller companies can use to reduce the use of
energy, materials, toxic chemicals, hazardous
materials, and waste.  Each case may require a
somewhat different approach depending on the
location, products, services and other factors.  
Cleantech Sectors and Issues
We are experienced in a range of technological sectors suitable for corporations along with the
implementation issues and financial factors that can make any single solution ideal for one company and
completely unsuitable for another.

Let us help you determine if there are cleantech technology solutions suitable in your case and if so how to
implement them given available internal staff, regulatory issues, financial factors and other resources.  We
have a process that can quickly and effectively determine what can be done efficiently and what is not