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News and Events
Entrepreneurship: Building a Company from Startup to IPO
California Institute of Nanotechnology
San Jose, California, December 11, 2007
President Rich Helfrich presents a strategy, issues and pitfalls for commercialization and attracting venture
capital to a group of cleantech entrepreneurs and would be entrepreneurs.

Energy: Economic Drivers for Commercial and Space Emerging Technologies
Third Annual Space Investment Summit
Hayes Conference Center, San Jose, California, December 6, 2007
President Rich Helfrich presents and overview of Cleantech and then moderates a panel on emerging
energy technologies, commercialization, venture capital and how new technologies can use high
value/margin space applications as a springboard to commercial markets.

Cleantech, Biotech and Risk Capital
International Congress on Nanotechnology, San Francisco, CA November 5-7, 2007
International Association of Nanotechnology
President Rich Helfrich provides an overview to conference participants on future products in
biotech/medtech and cleantech that will take advantage of nanotechnology to provide an economical solution
to complex problems.

Innovation, Commercialization and the Economics of Investment
Foresight Un-conference
Yahoo Mountain View, CA, November 3-4, 2007
President Rich Helfrich provides an overview to conference participants on trends in energy, water,
communications, and life science driven by emerging technologies from nanotech, biotech and infotech and
how these trends will impact economics and politics around the world.

Cleantech Startup and Investment Factors
International Association of Nanotechnology
San Jose, CA, October 9, 2007
President Rich Helfrich discusses key issues and answers questions regarding Cleantech sectors from
energy to water; how to build a new business and issues for investors in Cleantech.

Cleantech Energy Trends
American Society of Mechanical Engineers Conference
Santa Clara University, September 6, 2007
On a panel covering photovoltaic cells, thermal solar, wind, waves and geothermal, Rich Helfrich presents
competitive factors for startups and key market opportunities.

Early Stage Company Energy Proposal Review Panel
National Science Foundation, Washington DC
August 22, 2007
At this NSF panel, President Rich Helfrich reviews a dozen proposals and business plans to select
companies to receive grants toward developing new products.  A majority of proposals were from companies
focused on novel approaches for thin-film photovoltaic solar cells while others included wind and wave

Early Stage Venture Review Panels
Fenwick and West
Mountain View, CA, March 27, 2007 and March 29, 2007
President Rich Helfrich reviews about three dozen presentations of business plans from entrepreneurs
seeking seed funding for Seed, Series A and Series B rounds.

Emerging Technology Startup Review Panel
Golden Capital Network, Sacramento, CA  
March 22, 2007
At this panel, President Rich Helfrich reviews businesses presenting their market and growth strategies.  
Technology sectors include cleantech, semiconductors and biotech.

Global Engagement Workshop
National Science Foundation, Washington DC
September 22, 2006
At this NSF event, President Rich Helfrich presents trends in startup funding and their workforce needs to an
audience of leaders of universities from around the world.

United States House Science and Technology Committee.
Richard W. Helfrich testifies to the House Committee
August 8, 2005
Nanotechnology will drive a paradigm shift in the global economy and impact US growth, employment and
quality of life for most of the 21st century. Rich Helfrich testified to the Science and Technology Committee of
the United States Congress regarding global trends and issues being impacted by nanotechnology and
actions the US should take to ensure leadership in this critical field. Rich provided a formal presentation to
this committee along with answers to questions. His testimony is in the Congressional Record.

Red Herring Private Equity Conference of top 100 Private Companies (pdf)
Monterey, California – May 18, 2005
Richard Helfrich was invited to speak and participate on a panel regarding upcoming applications of
NanoBiotechnology to an audience of CEOs for the top 100 privately held companies along with investors
and investment bankers. The focus of this session was on viable business sectors for NanoBiotechnology.
Richard Helfrich presented his views of attractive opportunities from a venture capital perspective where
NanoBio may enable great new businesses to flourish.

UC Berkeley Nanotechnology Conference
Haas Business School
University of California, Berkeley – April 30, 2005
Richard Helfrich was invited to speak on the commercialization of nanotechnology at the annual
nanotechnology conference held at UC Berkeley. This conference covered both technology and market
applications of nanotechnology with speakers and panels. The other speakers were Steven Chu (Director of
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and Nobel prize winner) and Tom Kalil (Assistant to the Chancellor
of UC Berkeley and former Science and Technology Advisor in the Clinton White House). Rich presented his
views of attractive opportunities from a market and financial perspective where nanotechnology could offer
revolutionary advances.

National Science Foundation SBIR Phase II Funding Panel
Arlington, Virginia – May 3 and 4, 2004
Rich Helfrich and  serve on a panel to select winners of NSF SBIR Phase II awards.

Nanotechnology Company Reviews
San Jose, California – April 30, 2004
Rich Helfrich participates in reviewing business models and strategies of nanotechnology companies that
have received funding and/or have achieved product revenue.  Richard interviews the management of
expansion stage companies and provides guidance to prepare for their next round of institutional funding.

NanoBioConvergence Trends Panel on Nanobiodefense: Opportunities & Challenges
Palo Alto, California – March 24, 2004
Rich Helfrich discusses approaches to building and growing a NanoBioConvergence company.

Deloitte VC Evaluation Panel
Rich Helfrich participates in providing feedback to entrepreneurs at the Deloitte and Touche Early Stage
Technology Startup Event.

Golden Capital Network Venture Investment Conference
Lake Tahoe Nevada – February 11, 2004
Rich Helfrich participates on venture panel to grade startups at Conference in a range of emerging
technologies and provide real-time feedback the company management.