Alameda Advisors Inc.

Converting Innovation to Sustainable Business
Services We Offer
-  Connections to Silicon Valley
Office or Representation in Silicon Valley
Most companies and institutions need improved access to leading innovations or
connections to customers and partners for their own innovations.  Technology innovations
make companies and institutions of all types competitive and provide avenues of growth.   
Many innovations lie dormant due to lack of appropriate resources inside an organization.  
Frequently it is both efficient and effective for many organizations to form partnerships.  
Partners can enable rapid conversion of innovations to products and revenue.  Such
partnerships can be with other companies or institutions but each opportunity requires
careful selection of partners and a personal connection into that partner.

Alameda’s team provides a process to select the best possible partners in conjunction with
your team.  Our extensive personal and global networks enable a rapid entrance to
potential partners by connecting with the right person.  In many cases these partners are
located in Silicon Valley or have offices in Silicon Valley.   Alameda will arrange suitable
meetings and connections for your staff to many of the best target partners.

Alameda can also represent you in Silicon Valley or arrange to set up a part-time office for
your organization in Silicon Valley.  You organization can assign a key person to that Silicon
Valley office or you may rotate your staff assignments to Silicon Valley.
Our team can generate connections to new customers, distribution channels and
partners.  We can also assist entities who desire to have a part-time office and/or send
staff to Silicon Valley to pursue partnerships themselves using our connections.