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Over the last 4 decades there has been a shift away from basic research and development
by corporate research labs.  This trend has been driven by the shorter time horizon of large
investors such as pension funds that seek ongoing improvements in their investment
portfolios.  Corporations have learned that in many cases a company is better off by
acquiring new lines of business and new products through purchases of innovation.
On the reverse side are innovations created by companies or research institutions that
cannot achieve their potential inside their current organization.  

Alameda can match innovations to companies that will find the best use of a particular
innovation.  This matching provides the greatest benefits from an innovation measured in
both financial and societal terms.  Spinout companies are sometimes offer the best results
while in other cases a sale or license can offer a solution that fits.   Alameda can determine
which approach is best in a particular case and find the right partner(s) to achieve that