Alameda Advisors Inc.

Converting Innovation to Sustainable Business
Our team consists of seasoned professionals with decades of experience as business executives,
serial entrepreneurs, investors and turnaround leaders.  Our team has been covered in the press
and news, spoken at conferences and has many publications.  Our expertise covers business,
marketing, finance and many leading technologies.  All team members have advanced degrees plus
long track records of achievements.
Our Team
Associates and
Dr. Po Chi Wu
Dr. Wu has been a venture capital investor, entrepreneur, business
development/R&D executive, scientist and educator.  He has been active
in China and US-China corporate, entrepreneurial and venture activities.
Po Chi is currently an adjunct professor in China along with other roles.
He co-founded and was instrumental in forming several new venture
capital funds and companies,including Allegro Capital (San Francisco),
Golden Gate Development & Investment Fund (and other funds for Advent
International Corporation, Boston), and China Venture Management
(Taipei).  His funds have consistently been top tier performers.

Po Chi has made and been responsible for investments in many different
high technology areas, including life sciences, IT (computers and
communications), semiconductors, materials, and software, as well as in
more traditional businesses. His most recent technology-focused fund
returned almost 4 times  invested capital in the third year of operation.  Po
Chi's investment have covered the full venture range from seed to late
stage.  In some instances investments were syndicated with large venture
funds such as NEA and KPCB.

Po Chi has consistently been active as an observer and a member of the
board of numerous portfolio companies in the US, Canada, and in
Taiwan, a number of which were publicly traded. He has been interim
CEO when necessary. Among his most notable investments are
companies that achieved public market valuations in excess of a billion
dollars such as: TiVo, Cascade Communications, and Veri-Fone.

Po Chi has a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology from Princeton University and a
B.A. in Mathematics and Music from the University of California at
Berkeley.  Po Chi is fluent in Mandarin and French.