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Converting Innovation to Sustainable Business
Our team is well known in a range of communities and
groups around the world.  We have been invited
speakers, conference moderators, authors, been
interviewed by business & trade press and by television
news.  Our broad understanding of business along
with a wide range of technologies and experience in
teaching at universities makes our team attractive to the
press, television and as invited speakers at events.
Papers &
News and Events
California Task Force on Nanotechnology
December 2005
Richard Helfrich was appointed to the
California Task Force on
Nanotechnology in December 2004 by Congressman Mike Honda.
Helfrich authored a paper on changes in regulations and new legislation  to
improve the climate for technology in general and nanotechnology in
US Congress House Science and Technology Committee
August 2005
Richard Helfrich presents critical factors on growing our economy with
technology with emphasis on nanotechnology opportunities and
Foresight Annual Conference
November 3, 2007
Richard Helfrich presents issues and approaches involved with clean
technology and politics and how it relates to building cleantech
American Society of Mechanical Engineers Annual Conference
September 6, 2007  Santa Clara, California
Richard Helfrich presents issues regarding commercialization of leading
edge technologies.
Cost-to-Serve Customers
Richard Helfrich analyzed data collected from several projects and
determined the relative costs of providing "good service" to several
categories of companies by several categories of companies.  This data
was collected by actual live visits to field sales offices, customers,
technical support centers and other locations in many locations around
the United States, Europe and Asia.