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Converting Innovation to Sustainable Business
Business Plan Development

Garage Technology Ventures offers detailed
outlines of ideal Powerpoint presentations
and business summaries

The US Small Business Administration site with
useful resources.
The SBA online guide for business plan writing

Sample business and marketing plans.

advice for writing a business
from Deloitte and Touche

Small business targeted service and information
site with links to many articles on writing business


Small Times is good source for current information
on the world of micro- and nanotechnology.

Government and academic labs with extensive
sites outlining current projects within multiple
disciplines of science.

Government Agency funding both university
research and small businesses
National Science Foundation

resource for molecular biology
, including public databases, research
in computational biology and software tools for
analyzing genome data.

Intellectual Property Protection

The US Patent and Trademark Office site.

Information about intellectual property law including
patent, trademark and copyright.

Life Science government research and
regulatory agencies:
Pre-VC Funding Sources

Government Grant Sources:

Silicon Valley Angel Groups:
Other Sources:


Asia America MultiTechnology Association
provides innovative programs for the business
technology community

Silicon Valley Association of Startup Entrepreneurs
is an organization dedicated to assisting startups
connect with investors, peers and service providers.

IEEE is a large, international, professional
association with technical focus in computer
engineering, biomedical technology and
telecommunications, electric power and aerospace,
among others.

MIT/Stanford Venture Lab promotes the growth and
success of high-tech entrepreneurial ventures by
connecting ideas, technology and people.

CalTech/MIT Enterprise Forum holds monthly
programs and provides advice, support, education
and networking opportunities to technology-based
ventures in the Southern California area.

International Association of Nanotechnology

Alameda Innovaations LLC  

Below are a few selected sources of additional information for entrepreneurs, executives, investors and
Preparing for Investors
Alameda offers its years of experience as venture capital investors, board members, board advisors, and
NASDAQ company officers to entrepreneurs.  In our former roles as investors we used a list of questions to
formally review each and every startup.   To prepare for meetings with investors we encourage you to prepare
answers to as many of these questions that are relevant to your company.
Questions Investors Ask  Download the Alameda 101 Questions
Other Useful Sites

Alameda Innovations LLC
(creating spinouts)  

Department of Energy Statistics

Venture Capital Data