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Converting Innovation to Sustainable Business
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Converting Innovations to
Companies via Spinouts
In many cases both companies and universities can achieve their best results by spinning out an
emerging technology business group or  innovative technology advance into a new business.  In
many cases the internal group with that technology lacks one or more elements to create a
winning business.  The effort has become especially challenging in our highly competitive global

Alameda can provide critical skills, team members and other resources to accelerate the spinout
process and maximize results.  We can structure corporate groups into standalone companies and
develop major customers to accelerate the time to cash flow break-even.  We provide critical
corporate governance and financial structuring guidance that is typically lacking in an emerging
product group inside a major corporation.

We have additional team members that are focused on university innovation through another
entity named Alameda Innovations
These are challenging times
around the world.  The financial
world is rapidly evolving to new
business models with governments
taking bold steps.  Companies are
seeking their best avenues to
profits and growth.  Likewise
universities are under pressure to
justify their programs and find new
sources of revenues.
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